Jeremy Drury Releases New Single Off Upcoming Debut Album

You may know Jeremy Drury as the drummer of The Strumbellas. Now he is making his voice heard with his new single, “Pour Another.” The track takes those sugar coated pessimistic songs and flips them on their head through creative lyrics. 

Using a deceptive upbeat tone, Drury laments about the loss of a job, car problems, and other failings. When he reaches the catchy hook, Drury concedes and requests to “Pour Another” drink. 

Drury’s comical lyrics do little to mask the song’s message that nobody’s life is perfect and in control. “We’re constantly encouraged to show the world how awesome and amazing our lives are and how in control we seem. Weakness never makes the highlight reel, but is such a defining characteristic of who we are and how we deal with adversity,” Drury said.

Indie, alt-rock, and folk influences help to showcase Drury’s talent on drums, vocals, guitar and in production. Fans of “Pour Another” can look forward to seeing more of these influences and talents on Company Store, the debut album from Drury out on August 28. 

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