Ava Max Drops New ‘Sweet Psychotic’ Song “Who’s Laughing Now”

Ava Max is back with another sassy anthem. Max, is known for her hit song “Sweet But Psycho” and she is back with another ‘psychotic’ like song called “Who’s Laughing Now.” The new single is off her upcoming debut album, Heaven & Hell, which is due out September 18 via Atlantic Records.

The singer also dropped the new music video which. From a boss who steals her donut and fires her to a cheating boyfriend, Max rages with fury and teaches them, “what goes around, comes around,” other know as karma.

She dances around the trashed office with her posse of co-workers and ‘Carrie Underwood’ bashes her ex-beaus vintage car. Such behavior lands her in a psych ward, where she’s trapped in a straight jacket and manically laughs “ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha” in the chorus, before making her head against the glass wall and breaking free.

“I’ve been holding onto this secret for so long and am so excited I can finally talk about my debut album Heaven & Hell,” Max said in a press release. “I put my heart and soul into making it and cannot wait to share my music with everyone.”

Watch the new video for “Who’s Laughing Now” below.

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