Jack & Jack Bring Boston “Home”

Jack & Jack are making everywhere feel like home on their “No Place Like Home” tour. 

On March 24, the duo invited fans into Boston’s Brighton Music Hall, their “home” for the night. 

Part of what makes a place feel familiar is being surrounded by the people who have been there through all the “ups and downs.” From the sold-out marquee to the OG fans at the barricade who knew every word, there was clearly no shortage of love.

Special guest Sammy Wilk opened the intimate night with a half hour set. The crowd “got lost” in songs like “Aye Ma” and “Saturday (The Wedding Song),” which Sammy revealed was written for his sister and brother-in-law.  

The audience embraced Sammy and by the time he had wrapped his set, he had gone from singing behind the mic stand to dancing at the edge of the stage. 

Sammy Wilk performing in Boston
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

As kids, Jack J. and Jack G. used to meet everyday under a stop sign in their Nebraska neighborhood, a memory that is forever captured as the cover art of their independently released sophomore album Home. Just like old times, the lifelong friends met up on the Boston stage to exchange stories and perform songs that resonate in ways that little Jack G. and Jack J. could have never imagined. 

Their 19 song set included sophomore album selections like “Stuttering,” and older favorites like “No One Compares to You.” 

Jack G performing in Boston
Jack J performing in Boston
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

When the duo wasn’t jumping around the stage, they were slowing things down with acoustic performances of “Beg,” “Day Dreaming,” and “Rise,” their collaboration with Jonas Blue. 

Even fans got in on the performance and led a “Happy Birthday” sing along for Jack J., who was celebrating his 28th. 

After the show, Jack & Jack took to instagram to thank Boston for their “energy.” Jack G even went as far as naming Boston “the best show on tour.”

Whether it’s street corners or concert halls, “there’s no place [Jack & Jack] would rather be.”

For tickets, visit https://www.jackandjackofficial.com/