Franklin Jonas Drops Debut Single “Cocaine”

Featured Photo Credit: Henry Kornaros

Franklin “Frankie” Jonas is shaking his “Bonus Jonas” title with his debut single “Cocaine.” 

The track, which samples the dreamy steel hum of Pete Drake’s 1964 hit “Forever,”  uses cocaine as a metaphor for our vices.

Recently, on Zane Lowe, Franklin shared the inspiration behind the single. “Quarantine had just hit and I was in a place of nostalgia and thinking about the things that we use to cope and the things we lose that we use to cope. There’s the hole that’s left by the things that we can’t use to be happy when things are bad,” he continued, “For this song I wanted to find that piece of nostalgia even for the bad moments because even then there’s still the good coping mechanisms that help you feel better, right?”  

That nostalgic feeling is highlighted in the hazy music video directed by Henry Kornaros. In the visual, Franklin reminisces alone about a past love played by Audrey Anglum.  

Listen to “Cocaine” here!

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