EXCLUSIVE: Maty Noyes Chats “Lighter Thief” and Video

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Maty Noyes first ignited fans’ appreciation for her alt-rock vibe on her full-length debut, The Feeling’s Mutual. The project illuminated her genre-blending sonic exploration and unbridled vision. 

Her latest release, “Lighter Thief” is keeping that fan support burning with over 20,000 streams in its first week. The sultry single is both an ode and elegy to the “anti-hero,” to  “the bad boy in the movie that gives you just enough hope that he could turn good,” Maty says. With a slow burn, guitar-driven soundtrack, Maty reflects on growth and a newfound self-appreciation. 

That sentiment is central to her forthcoming project Rainbow Syndrome, which she describes as “an embodiment of love, heartbreak, and everything in between.”

We chatted with Maty to learn more about her latest release, her project Rainbow Syndrome, and more! 

What inspired your new single “Lighter Thief”? 

“Lighter Thief” is about not having the perfect life on paper and loving every second of it. It’s the visceral acceptance of imperfection. Even if learning to love the pain doesn’t sound romantic, this song proves that perspective can be romanticized itself. 

You shared on Instagram that you wrote this song with “four of my favorite people in this world.” Can you share how you all got connected and what it was like writing with Hillbom, Casper The Ghost, and Franke? 

About two years ago Franke and I were writing heavily for his project (alt-rock vibes) and trying to find the right producers to work with. He came across Casper’s song “Again” on Spotify and reached out to Hillbom to do a session over Zoom (Casper and Hillbom are cousins/best friends, and in an amazing band together called Casper The Ghost). They really hit it off and Franke asked where he was at, he replied he was in a cabin somewhere in a small town called Jarvso in northern Sweden. Franke asked if we flew out there if they would work with us, and he said yes, and the rest is history!!! We all really hit it off and quickly established a close bond and spent the whole week making music with them in their hometown. It was truly one of the best weeks of our lives!!!! A year or so later it was time for them to come see us in LA, so they came and stayed with me in the extra room in my studio. On their second trip out here, we were all hanging out in the living room one morning, and Hillbom started playing the chords to “Lighter Thief” & within moments melodies came pouring out and we all felt like we were on to something special. In the days to come, we laid it down in the studio and puts words to it. Not long after, I found a notebook from ten years ago that read “song idea : lighter thief – about someone who takes your lighter. May 2013” 

This idea had been planted but hadn’t found its home yet to bloom. It was really a full-circle moment for me. 

This single is the first track off your upcoming project, Rainbow Syndrome. How does this track tie into the story of the album? 

This project is about not limiting yourself to a genre or mood. We are so multifaceted and don’t have to be bound to boxes. “Lighter Thief” is just one of those many emotions, the rest of the project explores other ones through genre-bending songs and every feeling under the rainbow. “Lighter Thief” is just the start. It sounds like a love song, it feels like a love song, but that doesn’t mean it will end like one. 

All the songs on the project, including “Lighter Thief,”  are based on real stories. How have you created an environment for yourself that gives you the confidence and the space to be vulnerable? 

Music is all I’ve ever known, the one thing in my life that’s never changed or left me at some point. It’s the friend I can always call. It’s the place made for me to be vulnerable, and when I’m in its arms I feel safer than ever. If the world ends soon, I hope I’m in the studio when it happens. 

On the single, one lighter tattoo is lit and one is not. Is there meaning behind the difference? 

Just stylistic differences 😉 he regrets it now though and likes mine more.

Speaking of visuals, where did the concept for the home video visual come from? 

I truly wanted people to feel like they were the guy watching from his point of view or what it’s like to be in a relationship with me and felt the home video was the best way to create that feeling of intimacy. 

You posted a conversation on Instagram where you revealed how great it feels to “finally put something out that feels like me.” What has the journey been like to get to this point?

It’s an unreal feeling, mostly bittersweet. It’s so nice to finally have the freedom to do what I love again. All the creative control at my fingertips. It also comes with great responsibility, and as much as I believe in myself and my abilities, some days I still have to fight through the pain of the past. Sometimes it feels a bit like how it feels after leaving an abusive relationship, (in this case with the industry) it’s scary to “love” again after that. It’s frustrating because even on the days I should be happy; the feeling of fear now can show up as well. I’m still working through that trauma but it gets better every day and at this point, I just have to put myself out there again and do my best. Because if I’m not, I’m hiding in a box and wasting my life. For me, it’s always been about the music and connecting with people, so as long as remind myself of the bigger picture, I can come back down to earth when it all feels too much. At the end of the day, this is who I am and what I love to do. I will find a way to love again.

In that same video, you asked your mom how “Lighter Thief” makes her feel and she said, “Hanging out with friends and barbecuing and enjoying life and love.” I’m curious, if you would set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the single, what do you imagine it looking like? 

My favorite place to listen to music is loud in the car, so for me, it’s something you can drive to. I’ve been told a lot of my songs give warm summer feelings so definitely the beach, and a lot of people hear my songs in stores, so I guess something to shop while listening to as well. The ultimate goal though is to be on the “songs to give birth to” playlist that would be hard AF to be the first song most babies ever hear!

What can fans expect next? 

More music, more visuals, a lot of fun, a lot of dancing, and manifesting a big tour preferably w SZA, Steve Lacy, or Kali Uchis. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

As simple as it sounds, spend time outside – spend time in nature. We don’t even realize how much we are on our phones!!! It’s getting worse and worse. It’s nice to connect with each other but social media is an addiction just like anything else. Try to limit the amount of time you spend on your screen. Our eyes aren’t made to look at a screen that much, we are made to experience this beautiful planet and the people on it face-to-face with a genuine connection. This is what truly feeds the soul.

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