EXCLUSIVE: Jake Miller Talks New Single “SAVED ME,” Quarantine Tik Toks and More

We’re all adjusting to our new lives in quarantine. In the midst of it all, pop star Jake Miller has debuted a new coronavirus-themed EP over on TikTok that we can surely all relate to. Titled “Quarantunes,” the project features his entire family in their South Florida home and includes songs like “Take A Walk” (4.6 million views, 821K likes), “House Party” (1 million views, 176K likes), and “How Long Will This Last?” (228K views, 34K likes). The EP has already surpassed 7 million views on TikTok alone.

Just today, Miller released his brand new single “SAVED ME.” The track, which finds Miller singing along to a chorus like “I was down, I was down / now I’m all the way up / almost drowned pulled me out / right before I gave up / you saved me” over a pulsating trap beat, is the lead single from his forthcoming EP due out this winter and is written by Miller alongside Tony Ferrari (Monsta X, New Hope Club) and Whakaio Taahi (Hot Chelle Rae, Katelyn Tarver, Tonight Alive) who also produced the track with Miller. On the inspiration behind his new single, Jake shares, “‘SAVED ME’ speaks volumes to where I’m at mentally in my life right now. The past few years weren’t easy for me, but this song is about that person who came along and pulled me out of a dark place. I feel like the old me again.”

ECHO had the chance to speak with Miller about his new single, his TikTok videos and more!

Let’s start off with your quarantine viral videos. What was the inspiration for starting those creative videos and what’s your favorite one you’ve made so far? 

The second I got home, my sister convinced me to get a TikTok. I was hesitant at first but knew it was a good to stay creative and have fun. My favorite video to film was “Don’t Eat The Bat.” 

Besides making the viral videos, how have you been making the most out of having so much extra free time?

I’ve been spending a lot of time outside. I’ve been kayaking, swimming, working out, and playing lots of sports. Just trying to stay active. 

How many walks have you taken with your mom since the beginning of quarantine? 

HAHA about 800… and 500 bike rides!

You’re planning to release your new single “SAVED ME” this month, talk about the creative process behind your new song. It’s clearly about someone you love that has had a positive impact on your life? 

Yes, it’s about my girlfriend who came along and pulled me out of a dark chapter of my life. I’m putting the past behind me and just focused on the future now.

What type of music can we expect from this new chapter of Jake Miller music? 

The forthcoming new music sounds like a new and improved version of myself. The beats are much more dynamic and the lyrics are very fun and upbeat.

You’ve had many different music styles from hip/hop and rap to pop/funk. Talk about how you have improved your musical sound since the beginning. 

Part of being an artist means you always have to change. You always have to one up your last project. So staying the same is something I never want to do. 

I just realized you toured twice last year, same cities, similar venues, you love touring clearly. How have you managed not being able to tour yet this year? 

It’s really hard not being able to tour, since being on stage is my favorite thing in the entire world. But I know I’ll be back on the road real soon once this is all over.

What’s the first thing you’re dying to do when quarantine is over? 

Go to a real gym!

If you could set a fan up in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be? 

Sitting on a beach in South Florida at 7:30pm watching the sun go down over Fort Lauderdale beach.

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you want to ECHO out to your fans? 

My dad has always told me, “Those who adapt best in life are the real winners.” That is very relevant to me and most people right now since life is so strange and different right now. But we roll with the punches and make the most out of it.