Andy Citrin Releases New Song “Alone”

Andy Citrin returns to the music scene with the release of his brand new single “Alone” across streaming platforms. 

With an acoustic and catchy vibe, Citrin is able to effortlessly connect with listeners who are fans of a variety of genres. The “Alone” singer shows off his vocal range and ability to change up both the tempo and feel of a track within seconds. The chorus and verses throughout the new single are distinctively different from one another. All aspects of the track provide fans with a clear and honest perspective of what Citrin was going through in his personal life at a certain point in time. His feelings become apparent through the lens of his own perspective in an ongoing conversation with someone from his past. 

“Alone” shows the vulnerable and sincere side of Andy Citrin as a singer-songwriter. Its intricate instrumentals articulate the up-and-coming singer’s feelings in sound. The time changes and Citrin’s quick rap-like vocals set this particular single apart from countless new artists’ releases. In a competitive industry, Andy Citrin’s unique ability to create addictive tracks while still remaining different from chart-topping musicians is the greatest sign of potential. 

This new single is quite impressive when it comes to its detailed production, but Citrin’s high notes and falsetto become even more captivating by the end. It becomes clear that his vocals are an instrument with several moving parts. Between the singer-songwriter’s vocal range, rhythmic ability and relatable lyrics, listeners will find themselves quickly clicking the replay button or putting “Alone” on repeat after just one listen. 

The lonely and almost distressed feeling that Citrin portrays through his lyrics begin to tell a lengthy story that many can relate to in different aspects. Despite the confusion and rollercoaster he has experienced with the muse of this track, he knows he can’t go forward with what life is throwing at him alone. “Alone” tells a story, begins an internal conversation and allows those listening to have an exclusive look inside Andy Citrin’s mind. He begs for honesty and simply wants to get the effort he is putting into this specific relationship returned back to him. 

Citrin gives fans Ed Sheeran vibes on this brand new single. Between its intricate production and rhythmic vocals, listeners will easily become captivated with this single and find themselves desperate for more. And if one thing is certain, this seems to be the beginning of a very successful era for the rising star.