EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Tessa Violet

Featured Photo Credit: Brian Gahan

Tessa Violet will be your next music “Crush.” The Youtuber turned singer/songwriter has been capturing audiences with her candor and catchy music. Her singles “Crush” and “Bad Idea” put a playful spin on the classic love pop song. 

Tessa has been singing those tunes on her recently wrapped, ‘I Like (The Idea Of) Tour.’ Before, Tessa Violet hits the road with AJR this month, ECHO got a chance to talk with her about live performances, her new album, and her fans.

What was it like to be on the ‘I Like (The Idea Of) Tour’?

Incredible, I love being on tour. So amazing to do what you love every night with people you love. Live music and music in general has the power to transform and I hope people get that from my show. If that’s a release of sadness or a break with joy. It’s all good.

 You mentioned on Instagram that there was one song that you were dead set on not playing this tour, but you ended up changing your mind. How do you decide what your setlist will look like and does it change from night to night?

We rehearse all the songs before the tour, I was just sure (for whatever reason) that this one new song wasn’t going to work live but, truly you never know till you try, and we did and it absolutely slaps live. I’ve swapped out setlist three times now. Once after the first show and then again a few nights later. It’s trial and error to figure out what feels good and why.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Acoustic Bad Ideas. Full band: I Like (the idea of) You, and Crush.

Other than a live show, what would be the perfect environment for people to listen to your music?

Depends on the person, but maybe headphones in jamming around your room?

You played Lollapalooza recently. What was that like?

Wild. I expected like 200-300 people to come and like 2000-3000 people showed up. I can’t wait for my next chance to play a festival again! This was my first!

You’re releasing all your songs individually before the album comes out. What was the thinking behind that decision?

We’ve pivoted and now we’re just doing a few singles before the album 🙂

You’re very active on twitter and you are very interactive with your fans?  What do you enjoy most about being able to connect with your audience in that way?

It’s just fun! My fans are sweet and funny. They make me laugh a lot.

What is one piece of wisdom that you’d like to ECHO out to the world; especially your fans?

Just that truly there is only one “you”, and you should celebrate that and yourself. It’s so sad to me that people spend great swaths of time unable to see how special they are.

What’s next for you?

Supporting AJR this month! SO beyond stoked for that! Then headline my first UK/Europe tour!! and my album is coming soon! There’s so much to be excited about 🙂

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