Devan and Corey Harper Release “Almost”

Devan and Corey Harper recently released “Almost.”

Co Written with Kyle Reynolds and set originally to piano, Devan notes that the track is about loving someone, yet not being able to commit 100% percent. “Your early twenties are a strange adjustment period because things change rapidly in such a short period of time – relationships, living situations, career paths, and aspirations.” says Devan. 

Upon hearing the original version of the song, Corey Harper suggested adding a guitar, which Devan admits has become a significant addition to the song.

The beautifully blended duet dances around the aspects of a relationship and lends perspective, alternating between Corey and Devan’s points of view. “Almost all of me is loving all of you,” are lyrics that set the song’s mood and contribute to the push and pull quality of the track.

“Almost” is available on a multitude of platforms.