EXCLUSIVE: Inside Yonny’s “Summertime Madness” and his Upcoming Project ‘Everywhere, But Always’

Seattle based independent artist Yonny isn’t known to stay within the lines. His distinct sound spans the likes of Khalid and Foo Fighters fusing elements of hip hop and alt-rock. 

“Summertime Madness,” the second single off Yonny’s upcoming project Everywhere, But Always, is an unconventional summer anthem. Inspired by a turbulent summer love, the smooth r&b jam attempts to reconcile its demise.  

We sat down with the 23 year old trailblazer to chat about the single, his upcoming project, and more. 

What inspired your single  “Summertime Madness”?

It was a mix of the right place and right time. At that point in time, there was a long period of time where I felt stuck with what I was making, and none of it felt like me. The song was created with the intention of going back to what I enjoyed about music, and letting my creative flow take control. Being able to use real life events and turn them up to such a grand scale is one of my most favorite things about songwriting. 

What inspired the accompanying music video and what was it like to film it? 

The idea was conceived at a local teriyaki spot in the Lynnwood, Washington. Sitting down with my two close friends, who are also my videographers, and trying to implement that same feeling of new creativity in the music, but now in visual form. This being the first collaboration project between the two (Nash Pearson, Finn Baker), we knew it was going to be special. 

The filming process was one of my favorites I’ve ever done. Taking a trip to San Francisco for a music video was the first time I had done something like that, and it was well worth it. Having something so far in advance gives you not only the freedom of time, but also getting to add any new scenes and ideas that form, which ended up happening! 

This is the second single off your upcoming project Everywhere, But Always. How does this single fit to that project? 

“Summertime Madness” fits into the project as well as any other song, it’s another look into the world that I’m now introducing to the world. After being told by everyone I work with, I’ve realized that to everyone who listens to my music. They aren’t privy to who Yonny is beyond the lyricism and singing, so decided that it’s time to peel the layers back. 

What else can fans expect from your upcoming EP Everywhere, But Always and this new chapter?

It’s the follow up, but also the introduction in a sense. Ghetto Sunset was my first go being my raw, unadulterated self. With that though, I lacked the vulnerability and what my sound truly was. After taking an 8 month break from releasing any music in 2023, this project turned into my comeback into why I even dove into this world in the first place. I’ve figured out who I am and I’m letting the world find out who that is too. 

How has Seattle influenced your music, and this record in particular?  

I think my biggest influences have come from living life. Being in the moment and taking on the challenges that have come helped mold this entire sound. I feel like to truly create you must first live, and take life’s experiences and turn them into your canvas. Living in this city, and dealing with the highs and lows that come alongside it were all detrimental in creating EBA. 

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “Summertime Madness,” what do you imagine it looking like? 

Warm summer day, golden hour and you’re overlooking some large, vast landscape. Lots of water and nature around, nothing but the sound of the wind and distant birds flying by. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

Music is Magic.

Featured Photo Credit: Emery Lemos