EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Star Chats Healing, Creating Community, and “happy place”

Rising alt-pop artist Chloe Star has found her happy place. However, the journey to uncover it was a process. 

Throughout Chloe’s life, journaling has been her solace. After being blindsided by a painful break-up, she began to process her thoughts through the only way she knew how, poetry and music. 

At first, she only set out to write “Fool,” which details the breakdown of the relationship. However, as she began to heal, she continued to write and defiantly emerged from the ashes of heartbreak with “Found My Peace.” 

Now, Chloe has rounded out the unexpected confessional trilogy with the empowering “Happy Place,” which realizes the freedom in healing. 

We chatted with the rockstar about finding clarity, creating community, and more!

Excerpt from the podcast: 

What inspired the first single in the trilogy, “Fool?

“Fool” is the beginning of the process of a breakup. You finally realize the awareness what you’re going through in a toxic relationship and you’re just like, damn, I’m feeling like the fool in this relationship, and feeling stuck, feeling like how do I get out of something where I just like feel so stuck in? It’s the first stage and that’s how I played off, you know, all three of them are like the three stages of the breakup. 

How did you find the courage to tap into that vulnerability?  

I think it was just being fed up, honestly. I was like, I don’t want to say I was in a dark place, but I was in a plateau of my life at that time. When you’re in the thick of something, you feel like, ‘why do all these bad things happen to just me, boohoo me,’ all this stuff. But like, no,  there’s so many people that have had a similar experiences. So I knew if I share this story that the listener is also going to be able to recognize like, wait, but Chloe went through that too. We’ll be able to connect on that level.  Definitely. 

When you first put out “Fool” or as you were first writing “Fool,”  did you expect that you’d have those two songs coming after? Did you plan to make it like a trilogy or were you just inspired to write? 

I had no plan from the jump of it. It all just organically came out because I literally wrote these songs in the exact  place of my life, like at the time. “Fool” was written a year and a half ago and then “Found My Peace” was probably written like six months after that. And then “happy place” was just written like,  I want to say like six months ago. This breakup just really destroyed me and I was able to turn it into something creative.

Listen to the full interview here. 

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Photo Credit: Jordan Keith