EXCLUSIVE: Chance Perez Talks Solo Music, Power Rangers, In Real Life and More

From the band In Real Life to filming in New Zealand for the show Power Rangers, Chance Perez is making his way around in the Hollywood world. The former band member and now solo artist/actor is working on new projects and endeavors. Perez recently was featured on a song with Deerock & Wyle called “Bad.” We chatted with him about the song and acting in New Zealand and much more!

Was it a relief for you to find out that it was a New Zealand? 

New Zealand and Australia were the only two places in the world that everything’s pretty normal. 

I think Australia is getting there. I know we just opened up the borders between New Zealand and Australia and, um, Australia has been doing pretty well and New Zealand is like one of the only places that’s really kind of got it under control. And I think that’s, you know, has a lot to do with the government here, but also that New Zealand is a lot smaller than, you know, the United States and such. But yeah, to answer your question, I was very excited to hear that we’re moving to New Zealand, not just because of the state that our country is in, but also because this is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

You’re obviously like in a whole entire different country have you been inspired to write music over there? 

Yeah, here and there, here and there. I’ve been writing music. We’ve been doing really long hours, like 14 to 16 hour days with filming.

Which is absolutely nuts, so I’ve been trying to find time for writing here and there, but I’ve written a few songs, a couple that are really special. And I hope to get in the studio very shortly after arriving back in California. 

You were featured on a song called “Bad” by Deerock & Wyle, what inspired you to join the song?

I’ve actually never met them in person. I was here in New Zealand and, probably like halfway through filming or something they had been working on the song for a while and they needed someone to feature on it and they sent it over to me and I thought that it was a really good song because of how I think people can relate to it and the message that it has. You know, kind of like everyone, I feel like has either been in that relationship or know someone who has been in that relationship where it’s like, are you fully committed to me? Or do you still want to be single? Like, cause, we can figure this out. We just got to talk about it, you know? It’s that kind of like, are you with me or you or are you not? I think it’s something that a lot of people could probably relate to. I really liked the beat too.

What kind of music have you been writing while in New Zealand?

 I’ve been writing quite a like different array of genres. I think some of them are like singer songwriter, like Ed Sheeran. Some of them are a little bit more up-tempo, like dance track. Some of them are kind of like Justin Timberlake, early Justin Timberlake,Justifiedalbum feel. So, I’ve really just been kind of experimenting right now. I’m listening to a lot of the 1975 and I think I want to make a couple of tracks, like in that like pop, um, you know, a little electric guitar kind of realm.

In Real Life, the band you were in, announced a hiatus back in 2020. Was that a group decision to kind of go your own ways to work on solo music? 

Yeah, it was a band decision that we wanted to kind of experiment with that and do that for a while and see where that led us and grow as artists individually. The door’s always open to come back and become In Real Life again and see what happens with that. In the meantime, we’re making solo music and, and growing and developing as solo artists.

What was your decision making to give acting a try since you got started as a musician? 

I hadn’t acted before this role before being on Power Rangers. So, acting is completely new to me. I was kind of scared coming into it because we had like two and a half weeks with our acting coach and it was Ella Gilbert and she’s amazing. She gave us some really powerful tools to help us get into character and kind of carry us through these two seasons, so a massive thank you to her. And every day I look at those tools and I’m like, okay, how can I, you know, attack this scene with the right intention for my character? Every day, it’s a learning process and trying to sink yourself back into the moment and be like, okay, how would this character react to these moments?

I’ve really just learned a lot as an actor and it’s not, it’s not easy. There’s a lot of emotions that you got to draw for certain moments and for certain characters, like interacting with certain characters in the Power Rangers world and things like that.

What has been like your favorite memory in New Zealand? 

I can’t pinpoint it to just one. I think just this entire trip it’s the entirety of this trip has been so special and so memorable.

It’s just one of those times in my life that I’ll never forget and I’ll always be grateful for. So, I think that’s. What I can say about that.

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be? 

Yeah. I mean, Definitely put it on your speakers in your house or in a car, like that’s the way you want to listen to music or live obviously, but we’ll get there when we cross that bridge. Yeah. Bumping in some big speakers

What is one quote that you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to your fans? 

I think I tweeted one the other day, actually, that helps me a lot. The tweet was “don’t look at things happening to you, look at things happening for you.” I think if you look at life with that mindset and you try to actively strengthen that outlook on your life, you’re gonna see a lot more positivity, because it’s easier to focus on the negative things, but if you could focus on the positive things and those little things happening for you, then I think your days will be a lot happier.

Stream the new single, “Bad” now!

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