Waiting for Smith Releases Uplifting Folk/Pop Single “Hopelessness of Love”

Harry Lloyd known by his moniker Waiting for Smith explores life, identity and purpose through music. 

He first discovered his purpose after a brush with death. During avalanche training as a ski instructor in the French Alps, Lloyd broke his back in two places. He promised himself that if he somehow survived this near death experience that he would dedicate his life to music. Since 2017, he has been making good on that promise. 

His latest single “Hopelessness Of Love” is a folk/pop track about a turbulent relationship with “The Sugar Man.”  Lloyd explains, “The image of The Sugar Man is this free spirit, a travelling man, a wild man. But in a relationship, he can lose his power, as he gives it away. Therefore he is both solid and strong, as he is dissolvable as sugar. The wrong words, from that one person, can bring him crumbling down. But the right kind of love can bring him strength.” 

Through a reassuring melody and thoughtful lyrics, Lloyd along with producer Jan Schroder and mixing engineer Ian Grimble (Mumford & Sons, Travis, Manic Street Preachers and Bears Den) have created a song “about the inevitable collision that happens in any relationship, there’s ups and there’s downs -that’s just life. We can’t fight “The Hopelessness of Love” but we can find a way to accept it and use it to become our strength,” says Lloyd.