EXCLUSIVE: Bahari Open Up About New Singles “Bipolar” and “Jackie Kennedy”

 On our latest podcast, we chatted with alt-pop duo Bahari. 

From their debut single “Wild Ones” to their viral hit “Savage,” Bahari has continued to create tracks that resonate universally. 

Their first releases of 2021, “Bipolar” and “Jackie Kennedy” address relatable and deeply personal subjects, including mental health and sudden loss. 

We chatted with Ruby and Natalia about growing up in Kenya and California, the writing process behind both singles, and more!

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was it like to film the music video for “Bipolar?”

Natalia: That was such an incredible experience because there was a lot of emotions flowing that day. We worked with an incredible director named Mike, and he just really pulled out so much emotion from us and what the song was about and past experiences we had been through and looking at it right in front of you and you’re about to go on set. So it was very therapeutic and I think it was what we needed to do for that song.

Ruby: Yeah, it was a roller coaster, you know, because the song shows a lot of the negative sides and the sad sides, but it also shows a lot of the positive sides and the happy moments. Having to switch back and forth between those emotions, it was really intense, but it was an amazing experience. We’re really happy with how it came out

Can you tell me a little bit about what the inspiration was for your new single, “Bipolar?”

Natalia: It started with us coming together and talking about relationships that we were in at that time, and the word bipolar being polar opposites and kind of playing off of that. My perspective of it was that I am bipolar, so it was how I related in my relationship and learning for the first time, like how it affected it and it did. It was a big learning process for me for that song. And I think how it ends up turning into a positive is really cool.

Ruby: Something that we wanted to make sure we portrayed in the lyrics – dealing with your mental health and how that can affect your relationships with other people.

Head over to the podcast to hear about the inspiration behind their single “Jackie Kennedy,” what fans can look forward to next, and more!

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