Emmy Meli Unleashes Mantra Turned Anthem “I AM WOMAN”

On October 20, singer/songwriter Emmy Meli posted a TikTok that started a movement. 

Grasping an Elvis Mic, Meli unleashed the beginnings of her bold, soulful, and empowering anthem “I AM WOMAN.” 

Over 28k comments, 3 million likes, and undoubtedly many inspired woman later, the full anthem is here. 

With lyrics worthy of a daily mantra, Meli invites woman to embrace everything about their being. “I am woman/I am fearless/I am sexy/I’m divine,” she powerfully croons.  

Its infectious melody and message is hard to forget, nor is it one that any woman ever wants to forget. The song has become so much a part of some women that they have tattooed the track title in Meli’s handwriting. 

Meli put it best in a recent TikTok, “This has not even become a song. It has become a movement,” and this is just the beginning.