13 Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” Short Film

All our exes were thinking about us this past week with the release of “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version).”. The name Jake has become synonymous with “he who shall not be named.” Typical of Miss Swift’s music videos, the 10-minute short featuring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink is wrought with Easter eggs. In true Taylor fashion, let’s dive into 13 of these hidden messages:

  1. The Album Cover

In the new red release album cover, Taylor is pictured wearing a red hat in a car looking over her right shoulder. In the scene where Sadie and Dylan are driving through the forest, there is a freeze frame where the audience sees Sadie in the exact position. Side by side, they are spot on the same

  1. The Famous Scarf

So there are a lot of theories here on what this stolen scarf stands for. Is it just a scarf or something more? Some fans are surmising that the scarf represents Taylor’s virginity. Her line “it reminds you of innocence and smells like me” as well as the fact that it’s red speaks to this point. Additionally, Jake still has the scarf now and was seen wearing it, recently.

  1. Lovers Stay My Age

When Jake and Taylor dated, they were 29 and 20, respectively. Dylan and Sadie are 11 years apart in real life, him 30 and her 19. Though not exact, the ages are pretty close.

4.) The full Wine Glass

In the dinner scene, everyone’s glass at the table is empty except Sadie’s. Swift is hammering down that this relationship was clearly grooming and she was significantly younger than her partner and others in the room.

5.) The Fight

We all know Taylor’s lucky number is 13. Though it isn’t explicitly written out, one fan decided to count the F-bombs in the fight scene. Bet you can’t guess how many there were.

  1. The Spider-Man Kiss

Jake Gyllenhall was rumored to date Kate Dunst, female protagonist in the Spider-Man movies, prior to his relationship with Taylor. The upside-down kiss in the All Too Well short film is identical to the famous Spider-Man kiss. Adding to the possible hidden meaning here, Gyllenhall recently starred as the villain in “Spiderman: Far from Home”. 

  1. Some Actress

Alright, so this one may be a little bit of a stretch but hear me out. In the scene where Sadie is alone at the party, a waitress passes by her. This occurs during the line “Some actress asking me what happened”. The waitress is also the only other person in the room with red hair. Many people have inferred that this actress could be Jennifer Aniston (a nod to her profession on FRIENDS) or Anne Hathaway (at the time she had short hair for the filming of Les Mis just like the waitress). 

  1. By the Water

So we know this is from ‘Speak Now,’ but perhaps the lyric from “Mine,” “Do you remember we were sitting there by the water, you put your arm around me for the first time” is referenced in the scene here. I mean it is pretty spot on. 

  1. His Car

We see you Miss Swift. Jake’s car is a Mercedes, the couple is driving in a Mercedes. Jake we know it’s you. It has always been you.

  1. “F*%[email protected] the Patriarchy”

Even for non-Swifties, the 2010 paparazzi images hurt. In the video, O’Brien is seen yelling into his phone as Sink waits back at the car. This is reminiscent of pictures taken where Gyllenhall is captured screaming into his phone while Swift stares blankly ahead at the road. 

  1. “It’s supposed to be fun”

No wonder Taylor was so excited to turn 22! Her 21st birthday sucked. If he doesn’t show up to your birthday party, dump him.

  1.  Him, Later On

It is no coincidence that “future” Jake, who we only see from the back wearing HER SCARF (not over it, never will be), is identified as Jake Lyon in the credits. We see you, Taylor!

  1. Thirteen Years Gone

I mean it would be a dream to have a book written by Taylor Swift. We can only learn so much from her songs and interviews, and we crave to know more. In the last scene of the short film, thirteen years later, Taylor is seen giving a book talk reading the lyrics from her song. Thirteen years from 2010, would get us to 2023. Possible book release in two years?

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