Chloe Lilac Let’s Go of Toxic Friendship in “10 Things”

Featured Photo Credit: Maddie Provost

Since 2017,  Chloe Lilac has been rewriting the 90s soundtrack for a new generation. From defying the status quo to reminiscing on euphoric summers, Lilac’s music blends the nostalgic sound of that decade with relatable lyrics that speak to the gen x experience. Her latest single, “10 Things” is steeped in 90s grunge.

Beginning with an alt-rock guitar riff, the single hits with the realization that a friendship is toxic. “I wrote “10 Things” about a bad friend I had throughout my life, and finally realizing it wasn’t healthy for me to keep them around anymore. It can be so frustrating when a close friend prioritizes a relationship above your friendship. Best friend breakups are one of the most painful things you can go through, especially when you feel let down by someone you trust so much,” Chloe explained. 

As the first track from her upcoming mixtape, due out fall 2021, the single is celebrated by a moody visual. The video opens on Lilac at a teacher’s desk ruminating on the unreciprocated friendship. As the lyrics dive deeper, Lilac sings through a tv and fisheye lens, while destroying mannequins. 

When she’s not working on music, the Brooklyn-based artist has become an activist and voice for LGBTQ rights through and racial justice.

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