Cheat Codes and Kim Petras Team Up On “Feeling of Falling”

After all the success that Cheat Codes have been having in the past with songs such as “No Promises” featuring Demi Lovato and recently “Only You” featuring Little Mix, Cheat Codes are back with another sure to be hit song “Feeling of Falling” with Kim Petras. Their sounds blend effortlessly together with Cheat Codes electronic mixes to produce the fun and Petras’ pure pop sound works perfectly together.

In the song, Petras sings about the fear of being vulnerable after experiencing heartbreak. The track offers a balanced mix of Petras’ powerful voice, alongside glitchy vocal samples that Cheat Codes scatters throughout the chorus.

“I take the blame if you want me, because I hate the feeling of falling love,” Petras sings.

The track and lyrics resonated with an emotional side of Petras which helped her easily connect to the song.

“I’m the biggest emo so I really connected the song!” Petras told Billboard. “Cheat Codes are amazing and I’ve had the best time collaborating on this one.”

Cheat Codes also wanted to connect to the song, which is why they chose Petras to sing the track.

“The feeling of falling in love is great but it’s hard not to think about or compare it to past experiences of heartbreak,” Cheat Codes told Billboard. “It puts you in a really vulnerable place. It can be the best thing but also the worst.”

Listen to “Feeling of Falling” now!

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