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REVIEW: Lewis Capaldi Releases Upbeat Ballad “Forget Me”

On September 9, Lewis Capaldi released his latest single, “Forget Me.” The song follows success with his 2019 album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, which features songs like “Someone You Loved,” which reached No. 1 on both the US Billboard and the UK Singles Chart. 

“Forget Me” continues Capaldi’s signature emotional style while expanding his sound to a more upbeat track. Combining a poppy drum beat with heavy piano and the twang of electric guitar, Capaldi sings of an ex-lover he fears has forgotten him. In the bridge, layered vocals sing “I’m not ready to let you forget me” in rich harmony, using a soft tone that contrasts nicely with Capaldi’s raspy, strong belt in each chorus. The track is a sentimental ballad at its core with elements of a laid back, “vibey” pop song that give it a captivating edge. 

The single is a twist on a quintessential break up ballad Capaldi might write. “Forget Me” was created in a time when Capaldi’s only contact with his ex was seeing her move on happily on social media. He mentions that, “It seemed unfair to me that she appeared happy while I was hurting, and I was fearful she might have forgotten me completely, so I wrote a song about it.” This emotion is prevalent in lyrics like, “I’ll take all the vitriol but not the thought of you moving on”, which encapsulates the desperation and vulnerability represented in the single. From the sonically rich track to his detailed description of the feeling of being forgotten, “Forget Me” becomes a song the listener won’t forget easily.

What will Capaldi do next? Though he has not announced his next work, he does reassure, “Not to worry, I’ve still got plenty of depressing ballads up my sleeve. More on that another time…”

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