Betta Lemme is ‘Ready For The Weekend’ with New EP

Featured Photo Credit: Alexis Belhumeur

In 2018, Betta Lemme had listeners dancing through their pain with her debut EP ‘Bambola.” Now the Canadian artist is celebrating universal themes like mental health, identity, love, and loneliness on her sophomore EP ‘Ready For The Weekend.”

Aptly dropped on a Friday, the EP’s concept lies at a crossroads between celebrating free time and having too much time to wrestle with internal struggles.  

“I remember being a kid and going to school and looking forward to the weekend. But as I grew up, I noticed how the work week would take my mind off of real-life depression or anxiety,” Betta explained, “I began staying busy or keeping busy as a means to stay afloat in order to power through these emotions. I started to notice myself feeling worse as time slowed down on a Friday afternoon. Ready for the weekend (even though it sounds like something to be excited for) was more of a way of hyping myself up for the two days that felt like silent agony.”

This concept is especially evident in the project’s latest single, “I Love The Weekend.” In the pop and electronic-tinged track, Betta Lemme attempts to hype herself up for the three-day holiday against contrasting lyrics like “It was raining in my head, so I hung my smile upside down,” Betta Lemme sings. 

Other tracks include “GIRLS, “ “Cry,” “Ce Soir,” and her French track “I’m Good.”

The introspective lyrics also capture fleeting weekend moments. 

“For the ‘Ready For The Weekend’ EP, I was dreaming in plastics, blue, aluminum, and impermanence. Deep plunges into deep blues. Much like a weekend, naming the EP encapsulated the feeling of the fleeting moment that never lasts,” Betta Lemme shared. 

Although this EP speaks to ephemeral moments, this project is one that will stay on repeat!

Listen here!