Basciville Releases Indie/Folk Single “Calvary”

“Calvary” is the latest release from Co. Wexford, Ireland duo, Basciville. 

Since 2016, Brothers Cillian and Corcan Byrne have been honing their emotive, instrument rich, and indie/folk sound. 

Forged in and inspired by quarantine, “”Calvary” is about the connections between physicality and memory. How we allow ourselves to crave beyond accurate recall, blurring the lines around a physical connection and elevating it beyond what it was. In essence, nostalgic lust. It also looks at the emotional inconveniences we allow ourselves to suffer in the name of touch and want,” the duo explained.  

The layered percussion and guitar create a soundscape best enjoyed with headphones. 

Both the single and its cinematic video are just a sample of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Hymns To The Air’ due out in early 2021.