Virginia To Vegas Debuts Dreamy New EP ‘don’t wake me, i’m dreaming’

Featured Photo Credit: Justin Alexis, That Good Graphic

‘don’t wake me, i’m dreaming’ is the latest EP from alt-pop artist Virginia To Vegas. 

Quarantine has been a time of creativity and inspiration for the Toronto based artist. “I had a lot of time to spend at home and on Zoom with my friends, and there was a nostalgic feeling to being in quarantine. Time kind of stretched and sped by with almost a dream-like quality to it, and I wanted to create a body of work to capture that,” Virginia To Vegas explained. 

What grew out of those months is a dreamy, six track EP. 
Among the collection of songs is a collaboration with Mokita titled “flyby.” “I’m sure it will have its own meaning to you. But for me, it’s the feeling of not appreciating someone special in your life until it’s too late,” Virginia To Vegas shared of the single’s meaning.

Stream ‘don’t wake me, i’m dreaming’ here.