Bahari Releases Unforgettable New EP ‘Forget You’

After releasing raw tracks, “Jackie Kennedy” and “Bipolar,” alt-pop duo Bahari are continuing to harness that emotional vulnerability on their new EP “Forget You.” 

Across 5 singles, Ruby Carr and Natalia Panzarella tackle mental health, loss, and heartbreak.

“We wanted to make a body of music that we felt was our truest selves,” Bahari explained, “The writing process was incredibly honest. We wanted to open up about things we have gone through. The past year, we have spent so much time reflecting and writing from our hearts; these songs really embody that. Though these songs have different meanings, whether about a heartbreak, loss of a loved one or dealing with mental health, the vulnerability of each song is really what brings the Forget You EP together as a collection.”

In additional to the EP release, Carr and Panzarella’s single “Bipolar” is featured in a new PSA for Project Healthy Minds. The duo’s collaboration with the national mental health non-profit also involves a live streamed roundtable discussion moderated by Hayley Hasselhoff and an auction. The live streamed event is currently available to view on demand here.

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