Ava Max Releases Debut Album Heaven & Hell

Back in 2018, Ava Max released her top hit single “Sweet and Psycho,” that would go on to become one of the top hits of that year.

Finally, Max released her long awaited debut album, Heaven & Hell, that is filled with songs that bring you back to the simpler times when Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were releasing those pop mega hits in 2010.

Chances are you’ll be familiar with ludicrous earworm Sweet But Psycho, which is fast approaching one billion Spotify streams. Its template of churning synths and cheerleader chants also forms the backbone of the bubbly Tattoo, while recent single, the broad strokes empowerment anthem Kings & Queens, goes one step further into Stars in their Eyes territory by employing Gaga’s erstwhile producer RedOne. The references don’t end there; on Naked, which shares Teenage Dream’s wistful, baked-in nostalgia, Max channels Ariana Grande’s controlled yearning, while the disco-tinged OMG What’s Happening recalls Marina’s high-wire vocal undulations.

Take a listen to one of our favorites on the album “Born To The Night” now!

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