Ashe Releases Carefree Anthem “Another Man’s Jeans”

Featured Photo Credit: Jackie Russo

On December 25, “Moral of the Story” singer Ashe teased a new song she was working on with the caption, “ooo i think i did something cool.” That something was the beginnings of her new single, “Another Man’s Jeans,” and it was in fact very “cool.” 

The result is a carefree, Sheryl Crow-esque, empowering anthem that came together right before she kicked off tour. 

“”Another Man’s Jeans” is about unashamed and uninhibited confidence, loosening up and having a good time,” Ashe explains. “It sounds like what carefree feels like. It’s sexy! And loud! And fun! It’s a reminder to not take life too seriously.”

The release is paired with a music video with production that really tested that nonchalant mantra. Upon returning from shooting the video in Mexico and reviewing the footage, Ashe and her team realized that all the footage was unusable. However, that didn’t get her down. Ashe returned to Mexico to create an epic, colorful, and choreographed video with a 70s film worthy opening.

Listen to “Another Man’s Jeans” and Grab tickets for Ashe’s nearly sold out, headlining tour here!

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