Alexander 23 Releases New Track “Cry Over Boys”

Chicago native, Alexander 23 released his new track “Cry Over Boys,” and accompanying video.

Prior to the release, Alexander 23 shared a clip of the song on TikTok, captivating fans with lyrics such as “Aren’t you tired of getting hurt? Aren’t you sick of making it worse?” and “You cry over boys you know will never cry over you.”  The emotional tease garnered almost a million likes. 

“This song is about a loop I think a lot of people are stuck in. Romanticizing romance at the cost of their own sustainable happiness. I hope it can help people break out of that cycle,” shared Alexander 23. 

This multi-instrumentalist made his 2019 debut with “Dirty AF1s.” His indie-pop sound is infused with liquid falsettos, intimate guitar plucks, and up-tempo drums.  In 2020, Glanz released “Caught In The Middle,” which globally amassed nearly 300 million streams.

Listen here!

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