Hannah Hausman Makes Triumphant Return with New Single “will i ever feel like this again?”

Featured Photo Credit: Brook Boyer

In 2018, Hannah Hausman released her debut hit “lost in brooklyn.” After a pre-covid virus attacked her vocal chords, she lost her voice and dreams of becoming a singer no longer seemed attainable. 

Following  a year of recovery and hours of vocal therapy, the indie-pop artist is making her triumphant return with her new single, “will i ever feel like this again?” 

On this new track, Hausman questions the validity of a relationship and realizes its toxicity. 

The track marks a new transparent and emotional side of Hausman’s songwriting that also carries over into her popular tiktok videos.

“It’s crazy backwards, I know,” Hausman shared, “But I realize now I had to lose my voice to find my real voice.”

Listen to “will i ever feel like this again?” here.

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