EXCLUSIVE: Nicholas Hamilton Talks Debut Single “Different Year”

Featured Photo Credit: Mike Falzone 

Nicholas Hamilton is known for his roles as Henry Bowers in It and It Chapter Two, as well as Rellian in Captain Fantastic. Now this Australian artist is telling personal stories through his music. 

Over the past two years, Hamilton has worked alongside The Voice alum Britton Buchanan to create a story infused EP that captures love, loss and change.

We chatted with the indie pop artist about his debut single, “Different Year,”  what to expect from the EP and more!

Excerpt from our upcoming podcast out Monday, January 11.

How does it feel to have your new single, “Different Year” out in the world? 

It’s nuts. I’ve been writing for about two years now. It’s the first thing I’m releasing. It feels odd to have something that I’ve made purely myself out in the world. I’ve said this time and time again, I think the reason a lot of actors go into music is because there isn’t any creative control in acting really.  You’re reading someone else’s words in front of a camera, none of it’s yours. You can form it however you want, but none of it is really yours. Whereas writing, especially the way  I write, I write with pure honesty. Everything I write is about stuff that happened to me, about the relationships I have with the people in my life. It’s very honest and candid. It’s weird to have, especially something like “Different Year” which is like a bloody diary entry for all of 2020 in a song, out there. It is really cool. 

What was the inspiration for “Different Year”?

I wrote the song with my friend Britton Buchanan in LA. We hooked up through another friend of mine. He’s a phenomenal songwriter and singer. We’ve written a few songs together. “Different Year” is the second song we ever wrote together. I think it was the first song we wrote that was purely out of nothing. I think the other songs we had written together were just out of a line we had or a little guitar thing that he had. “Different Year” – we started out with nothing and we just kind of went with the flow and it turned into something really beautiful and honest and candid and I think that I came out of that session knowing that “Different Year” was one of the best things I’ve ever written, one hundred percent.

Listen to Nicholas’s debut track here.

Stay tuned for the full podcast interview dropping on January 11!

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