Why Karol G and Tiësto’s New Song “Contigo” Sounds So Familiar

Have you listened to Karol G and Tiësto’s new EDM banger “Contigo” and had a deja vu moment like you’ve heard this song before? You’re not wrong! The track interpolates Leona’s Lewis’ 2007 hit “Bleeding Love.”

Originally co-written by Jesse McCartney and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, “Bleeding Love” is a pop/R&B song about being so hopelessly in love with someone that it hurts. After almost two decades, Karol G and Tiësto are reviving the Grammy nominated record by giving it a Latin twist. “Contigo” picks up where its inspiration left off. 

“Yo tе quiero a ti, no necesito a más nadiе, Par de llamadas al celular y tú no me contestas, Mensajes al DM y no tengo respuestas, Me daño la mente por saber tú qué piensas,” Karol G sings over the pulsing latin dance beat.  

English Translation by Genius.com:“I love you, I don’t want anyone else, A couple calls to your phone and you don’t answer me, DM messages and I don’t get responses, It hurts my mind to know what you think.” 

Lucky for Karol G and Tiësto, Tedder did pick up the phone. As co-writer and producer on the original, Tedder was able to draw the essence of “Bleeding Love” and inject it into the new track without deviating too much from the elements that made the original successful, including the catchy hook. Instead of “I keep bleeding love,” Karol G sings “contigo ey” along the unmistakable string of notes.   

“Contigo” is Karol G and Tiësto’s third release together, only preceded by “Don’t Be Shy” (2021) and “Provenza (Remix),” which was part of Karol’s 2023 Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season) album, which won Best Musica Urbana Album category at the Grammys. The honor made Karol G the first woman to win in that category. 

“This is such a beautiful thing. My album has given me the best memories in my own life, my whole life — my fans that came and enjoyed my album, that gave motivation and inspiration and heal with me — thank you so much. I promise to give you my best always. And I hope that this is the first of so many. So thank you, everybody,” she said in her speech. 

See if you can find the similarities between “Contigo” and “Bleeding Love.” Listen to both songs below!