WESLEY Releases Personal New Song “Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry”

WESLEY just released his “scorchingly sympathetic” ballad, “Don’t Have To Say You’re Sorry” in collaboration with national non profit organizations, To Write Love On Her Arms and Shatterproof.

The song comes after the release of his solo debut release of his song Remedy, which charted on Spotify’s Viral Hits and Viral 50.

My door’s open, even when you slip and you fall back down,” Wesley tenderly sings, before belting the explosive hook “you don’t have to say you’re sorry,” with soaring harmonies and piano, all set to a deep, trap-influenced beat.

WESLEY’s intention in “Don’t Have To Say You’re Sorry” is not only to reach out directly to his sister, but also to spread a wider message about the power of extending unconditional love to those who struggle with addiction.

WESLEY tells ECHO his message to those struggling with addiction and those who know someone going through addiction. ““My message for someone going through the same struggles is have hope, that one day the person will seek recovery, and when they do be ready with your doors open to show them unconditionall love and forgivneness. Let them know the whole time that you will always be there.”

This song is his most personal and most emotional song yet he tells ECHO. “Yes this was the most emotional song I’ve ever written.. it’s so hard to watch someone you love suffer from addiction. The pain they go through effects you and your whole family. The hardest part is that you can’t decide for them, they have to chose to get clean on their own. I cried these lyrics out onto this track!”

Stream the haunting powerhouse ballad here.

You can also listen to the emotional song on YouTube below.


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