Wallows ‘Model’: A Perfectly Captured Hopeless Romance

Consistency is key when it comes to Wallows

Since their debut song “Pleaser” in 2017, the band — consisting of Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston and Dylan Minnette — has truly pioneered the modern indie sound. Their new album Model maintains that familiar sound fans love while introducing them to more melancholic, yearnful lyrics. 

The first track “Your Apartment” opens with an eclectic guitar riff and escalates into a steady yet heartbreaking recollection of anxieties surrounding a romantic relationship. Lemasters and Minnette sing the chorus: “I wonder who’s been at your apartment/Would you give in or would you relent who’s been trying to get/In your bed?”

These heartbreaking, anxiety-ridden lyrics with danceable indie beats continue through the next two tracks “Anytime, Always” and “Calling After Me,” each song seamlessly bleeding into the next, before the fourth track “Bad Dream.”

Bad Dream” tells the story of a significant other who is pulling away from the relationship but doesn’t admit anything is wrong. The track is more melancholic than others, with a fairly consistent drum and keyboard that back lyrics that leave you in a state of sorrowful wonder.

The seventh track “You (Show Me Where My Days Went)” was released as a single. Both Lemaster’s and Minnette’s vocals are showcased here in a blissful harmony; the lyrics talk of someone happily unaware of the way time slips by when they are with their partner.

Although it wasn’t a single, “She’s an Actress” deserves a moment in the spotlight. The tenth track showcases Wallows’ unique indie sound and romantic verses. The second verse begins: “If the mood’s right, we’ll talk all night/It might be a road to nowhere, but it’s alright.”

The twelfth and final track on the album “Only Ecstacy” embraces the early days of true love. The band sings of finding their person, closing the project’s story of romance and woe on a hopeful note
Model is a no-skip album, which is no easy feat for artists on their third LP. Wallows has seen several industry changes over the years but their music has remained consistent. Tickets to their tour are on sale now: https://www.wallowsmusic.com/tour/

Featured Photo Credit: Aidan Zamiri