VALLEY Drummer Karah James Steps Into Spotlight with “CHAMPAGNE”

Photo Credit: Becca Hamel

VALLEY vocalist and drummer Karah James is trading her drum sticks for a mic on the band’s latest single “CHAMPAGNE.” 

The effervescent alt-pop track looks at the social changes and negative pandemic experiences through an optimistic lens. 

Karah explains, “‘CHAMPAGNE’ is simply a song about not letting the negativity of the world bring you down and turning the pain we feel into something positive. It’s about reframing our narratives on challenging situations and people and telling ourselves that sticks and stones may break our bones, but you can’t break something that won’t break.” 

The release is paired with a carefree, convenience store lyric video captured through CCTV. 

This single is just a sip of the sounds that earned the band a JUNO Award Nomination for “Group Of The Year.” Valley will be performing at the JUNO Opening Night Awards Presented by Ontario Creates on May 14 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, streaming on CBC Gem and at

Fans can hear this song and more at one of VALLEY’s upcoming festival sets:


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JULY 9  Field Trip Music and Arts Festival 2022 Toronto, ON 

JULY 10 Wonderstruck (Cleveland) 2022 Kirtland, OH

SEPT 10 Moon River Afterparty Chattanooga, TN 

Sept 16-18 Life Is Beautiful Festival 2022  Las Vegas, NV