Top 5 Songs off of Jess Glynne’s new album “Always In Between”

Jess Glynne has had quite the journey to music stardom. Getting her big break on the hit song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. Since then Glynne has proved why she is one of music’s powerhouses. Her recent album, Always In Between, doesn’t fail to show why she is just that. On the album you hear killer vocals, some roaring brass bands, feel good songs and a few eye watering ballads. This album shows us what Glynne can do musically.

The first song, “No One,” starts off with a piano riff that leads up to a chorus of “they say you’re no-one, until you’re somebody to someone.” Glynne’s vocals are glorious as they celebrate being needed in love.

“I’ll Be There,” the second song on the track is more of a friendship song. It’s about always being there to help your friend when they’re in need. Glynne wrote this with a close friend, she said in an interview. “Camille, came down and started this idea based on stuff we’d been through-that we kind of got each other through over the past year. She been through this awful break up and like real low. She turned to my album, I Cry When I Laugh.”

“Thursday,” one of the stand outs on this album is about self care. It’s raw and simple as she sings “I won’t wear make-up on Thursday” and then goes on to repeat “I just want to feel beautiful.” The song is co-written by Ed Sheeran, which doesn’t surprise us since Sheeran is known for his “Perfect” song.

The second single off of the album, “All I Am” is a song about love and being committed to love. “Cause I’ve had few” Glynne sings breaking her silence. This track is definitely one that could be a big song for Glynne.

The best song off the album has to be “Rollin” a funky, brass filled confident song. “F**k your games, this ain’t the way I’m rolling,” Glynne states in the chorus. This is the classic Glynne we love, fun and funky and confident all in one song.

Overall the album shows why we love Glynne. We can’t wait to see her tour for this album! Let us know what your favorite track is by sounding off in the comments!

Take a listen to the whole album below!