Tones and I Returns with “Eyes Don’t Lie”

New single “Eyes Don’t Lie” marks Tones and I’s first release since her debut album Welcome To The Madhouse in 2021. The new single comes as the Australian singer-songwriter prepares to take on a substantial world tour this summer.  

“Eyes Don’t Lie” showcases Tones and I’s unique vocal style and hooky grooves that create her distinctive sound. The rhythm does groove in this song with a slow plodding beat offset with syncopated guitar creating depth within the track. 

Coming to terms with a toxic relationship and split, the lyrics embody the feelings of loss and freedom attached to those experiences. Tones and I’s raw, powerful vocals pair with the lyrics to deliver a sucker-punch of gnarly emotions to the listener.

Alongside the single comes a music video co-directed by Tones and I set in a desert where the artist stumbles upon strange ghost towns and spooky hooded characters. 

Her tour this summer will have a North America leg that will kick off on July 23. You can find dates and tickets here

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