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The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 9: Explosive Chaos and Shocking Twists Await!

It’s the most exciting time of the year: Everything is unraveling on “The Morning Show.” But it’s a good kind of chaos, the kind where all the threads from the entire season are weaving together into one storm of drama. If you thought “The Morning Show” couldn’t possibly connect the dots between the UBA sale, Cybil Reynolds’s ouster, billionaire shenanigans, the January 6 insurrection, a cyberattack, and even outer space, well, you clearly haven’t been watching this wild and unpredictable show.

The official sale of UBA to Paul Marks is just around the corner, and it seems like everyone is in a state of frenzy. People are panicking! Alex, who can’t seem to make up her mind about whether to save UBA or dismantle it, is torn once again. She contemplates her decision while talking to her refrigerator and Paul, wondering if selling off UBA is really the best option. Paul reassures her that she owes nothing to UBA and that the sale would provide the money for her to start her own studio and make a real impact, among other things. However, Alex is unaware that the real reason behind Paul’s plan to dismantle UBA is the delayed Hyperion Two project and a shortage of funds. “The Morning Show” has taught us two valuable life lessons: Reese Witherspoon should stick to being a blonde, and handsome people can’t always be trusted.

Meanwhile, the truth about Hyperion is on the brink of going public, thanks to Bradley, Chip, and Stella. Unfortunately, they face major obstacles in getting anyone to spill the beans about what’s truly happening at the company. Their most promising lead, Stella’s friend Kate, has gone silent after being fired and hinting at unsafe working conditions. No one else they approach is willing to reveal any information, even off the record.

Paul soon catches wind of Bradley’s investigation into Hyperion, thanks to his efficient assistance, Amanda. Now, Paul has Bradley in his crosshairs and is also seeking leverage against Cory. His plan is to publicly shame Cory and prevent him from receiving a $150 million buyout when the UBA sale goes through, making Cory’s exit much smoother. But Cory won’t go quietly, and Paul is aware of that. If only Alex knew the true nature of her new boyfriend, or if she would just listen to the people warning her about him. Bradley certainly tries.

As Alex grapples with her decision regarding Paul’s plan, she seeks Maggie’s opinion on the sale and the future of UBA. Maggie’s outlook is bleak; she believes that even with Paul Marks acquiring UBA, the network will only survive for about five years. She predicts that all the major networks are in a downward spiral and will eventually consume each other. Armed with this grim forecast for the world of broadcast media, Alex meets with Bradley. She doesn’t reveal Paul’s intentions, but she does express her desire to start her own studio after the deal goes through and invites Bradley to join her. Bradley declines, citing her commitments and work at UBA, and also issues a stark warning about Paul’s shady character. This revelation hits Alex hard, and she reacts by telling Paul that she’s fully on board with his plans to take down UBA.

But it’s not as simple as Alex choosing her boyfriend over everything else. Just days before the major UBA sale, Earl informs Cory that someone is aggressively buying UBA stock, and that someone turns out to be Cybil Reynolds. In a surprising twist, Cybil visits Cory and shares some valuable information. She’s been acquiring UBA stock to thwart the sale to Paul Marks because Genevieve Micklen, Fred’s wife, informed her that Paul is “stripping the network for parts” and Fred is assisting him. This revelation jolts Cory into action, and he confronts Alex with the knowledge that she must be aware of what’s going on. A heated argument ensues, where both of them challenge each other’s righteousness. If only they could see how similar they really are. Alex remains resolute in her decision, and Cory sets out to rally the board for a last-minute change of plans.

But that’s not all the chaos in store for this “Morning Show” finale. Paul is determined to seal the UBA sale and secure the funds he needs to continue his Hyperion Two project and pursue his dream of sending a rocket into space. He won’t let Bradley and Cory, his two main obstacles, stand in his way. So, he deals with both of them.

First, he pays an unexpected visit to Bradley’s dressing room just before her evening news broadcast. Bradley is already emotionally strained due to Laura breaking up with her after a heated argument about Bradley’s actions. Her heartbreak is palpable. Then Paul arrives, and in no uncertain terms, he warns Bradley to stop investigating Hyperion. He reveals that he’s aware of what happened with the January 6 footage and how both she and Cory lied to the FBI. He even knows that Laura is also privy to the truth. If the real story comes to light, all of them could face serious consequences. Paul wishes her a good show and departs. On air, Bradley attempts to maintain her composure but breaks down, delivering a heartfelt farewell speech. She expresses her gratitude to those who supported her at UBA, calls her time there a privilege, and announces her immediate resignation. UBA descends into chaos.

However, there’s more to come. Stella rushes to find Cory, not to discuss Bradley, but to inform him of a breaking story on The Vault. The story features a photo of a visibly intoxicated Bradley being carried by Cory in the Archer Gray elevator, along with false allegations that Cory was grooming Bradley (untrue) and that, when rejected, he outed her and Laura as retaliation (very true!). This is how Paul Marks plans to bring Cory down, and it’s particularly problematic because Cory and Paul had recently appeared together on the cover of Forbes.

In a nutshell, the chaos is escalating as the season finale approaches, with Paul taking drastic measures to secure the UBA sale and his dream of conquering outer space, while simultaneously attempting to eliminate his adversaries, Bradley and Cory. The stage is set for an explosive conclusion in “The Morning Show.