The Driver Era Mature Sonically on New Album ‘Girlfriend’

The Driver Era is back with new music following the success of their recent singles “Heaven Angel,” “#1 Fan” and “Leave Me Feeling Confident.” 

The Driver Era consists of ex-Disney star Ross Lynch and his brother Rocky. The group is based in Los Angeles and has effortlessly captured the attention of millions of fans around the world with their endless discography of upbeat and feel-good tracks.

After much anticipation, the dynamic duo recently released their sophomore album Girlfriend. This is the group’s first project since their debut album, X, which was released back in 2019 before the global pandemic. Girlfriend is broken up into 2 discs in throwback style, Disc 1 and Disc 2, and features 15 songs in total. Fan favorite and previous single, “A Kiss,” is included on Disc 2 alongside standout track “flashdrive.” 

Girlfriend shows off a more mature sound for the group while still encompassing a classic version of The Driver Era. 

The effortless blending of genres and dynamic vocals undeniably set this duo apart from other bands who have been releasing music recently. Ross and Rocky are clearly not afraid to take risks sonically and those risks have been noted by both critics and listeners worldwide. 

Through the release of their sophomore album, Girlfriend, The Driver Era continue to captivate a nostalgic and rhapsodic vibe that fans seemingly can’t get enough of right now. And with a nationwide tour around the corner, the anticipation to see these songs come to life on stage only continues to build.

Be sure to stream Girlfriend out now. 

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