The Driver Era Continues to Shine with ‘Get Off My Phone’ Release

After an eventful couple of years, The Driver Era is poised for another impactful year in 2024. Following the success of their acclaimed third album, “Summer Mixtape,” the duo, comprised of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, embarked on a sold-out global tour and garnered over a million streams for their previous single. Their performances at prestigious festivals like Mad Cool in Spain and Lollapalooza in Paris further solidified their rising status in the alt-rock scene.

Their latest single, “Get Off My Phone,” released four months after “Rumors,” showcases their signature blend of influences ranging from groovy verses reminiscent of “Preacher Man” to a ’70s vibe in “Malibu.” The track, a modern breakup anthem, delves into the frustration of social media interference during the healing process. Ross’s emotive vocals, paired with punchy guitars, evoke a sense of anger and longing, revealing a vulnerable side to the brothers’ songwriting.

In interviews, Ross has hinted at the personal nature of the song, reflecting on life’s complexities and the inevitability of change. While there’s no confirmation of an upcoming album, the duo assures fans that new music is always in progress. With their dedication to continuous creativity, The Driver Era is poised to make waves in the music scene throughout the year.