The Beaches Wrap Their ‘Blame It On My Ex’ Tour in Boston

Summer arrived early in Boston as The Beaches rolled in for their Blame It On My Ex tour. After a fourteen city run, a sold out crowd filled the Royale for one last “Late Show.” 

Berklee alumni Boyish kicked off the show and their opening set with “Big New Boyish, followed by “Jumbo.” The indie rock duo thrashed through a riotous eight song set before wrapping with “FUCK YOU HEATHER.”  

“Everything is Boring,” but the Boyish set certainly wasn’t, and neither was The Beaches’. 

From the moment guitarist Kylie Miller climbed onto the speaker for the opening riff of “T-shirt,” it was clear that The Beaches were there to entertain. The multi-level, simple stage design gave the band plenty of space to climb, jump, and spin under the ever changing lights.  

When the band wasn’t moving, they were sharing anecdotes like when lead vocalist Jordan Miller flirted with Fletcher at a party.

Before their performance of “Edge of the Earth,” Leandra Earl (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals), shared the “lesbian trauma” behind the anthem, and revealed that her ex, her ex’s entire family, and her current girl were all at the same show in New York.

“Everybody met and everybody hugged, and love is love is love,” Earl said of the encounter. 

Other songs on the high energy sixteen song set included “Me & Me,” “Grow Up Tomorrow,” and “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Paranoid.” 

Before closing out the night with “Blame Brett,” the namesake of the tour, and an encore of “Kismet,” Leandra climbed down into the crowd for one last mosh.

After a night that was anything but “boring,” there was no one to “blame,” but The Beaches (and Boyish). 

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