Stephen Sanchez’s Troubadour Tour Takes Boston on a Journey to the Golden Era

Photo Credit: Alder Whiteford

On December 1st, Boston experienced a time warp to the crooner era of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison. Stephen Sanchez, in his Troubadour tour, skillfully merges the styles of Presley and Orbison. With Elvis’s flair and Sanchez’s powerful crooner voice akin to Orbison’s, the performance was a mesmerizing blend. Sanchez weaves a haunting love story through his latest album Angel Face, which he is on tour for, combining dark moody aesthetics with charming, sensual music, creating an unforgettable experience for New England fans.

Throughout the performance, a narrative unfolds echoing Sanchez’s debut concept album, “Angel Face,” from September 2023. The storyline follows Troubadour Sanchez and The Moon Crests’ rise to fame in the late ’50s and early ’60s, entangled in a love triangle with mob boss Hunter over Evangeline. The show kicked off with the ballad “Something About Her,” capturing the singer’s enchantment, layered with a poignant undertone of life-altering love. Sanchez, clad in a Grease-inspired outfit, showcased his musical prowess, seamlessly transitioning into the lively “Evangeline,” delivering a performance that transported the audience to a bygone era. At only 20, Sanchez’s mastery of old-school music, evident in guitar, vocals, and lyrics, drew inevitable comparisons to Elvis Presley, especially notable in his song “Shake.” Beyond his impressive voice, Sanchez’s stage presence and connection with the audience, maintained through jokes and banter, debunked the notion of lost intimacy in modern concerts.

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