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Stephen Sanchez’s Crooner Pop Album ‘Angel Face’ Has That Classic Retro Era Sound

Witnessing the meteoric rise of a youthful artist like Stephen Sanchez, who has surged into the spotlight with music that encapsulates the timeless sounds of the 1960s and 1970s, is truly remarkable. At the tender age of 20, Sanchez unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Angel Face,” a musical gem that effortlessly channels the nostalgic vibes of bygone eras.

Angel Face opens the hypnotic ballad “Something About Her.” The opening notes usher in a steady, mesmerizing rhythm as the artist’s voice gracefully reverberates over the spacious keys. His lyrics gently converge with the ethereal, spiraling soundscape enveloping his vocals. As he muses, “There must be something about her” towards the conclusion of the track, subtly leaning into his awe-inspiring falsetto, listeners are immediately drawn into the timeless realm that Sanchez masterfully crafts within his inaugural collection of songs.

“Angel Face” portrays the fictional journey of The Troubadour Sanchez and his ill-fated romance with Evangeline. This narrative unfolds as the crooner achieves immense success in the 1950s, driven by a spellbinding rendition of his love anthem, “Until I Found You.” However, his meteoric rise proves fleeting as he falls headlong in love with Evangeline, the paramour of a formidable mob boss, ultimately meeting a tragic and untimely fate.

The story serves as the narrative thread binding each track together, it’s Sanchez’s mesmerizing vocal prowess that truly steals the spotlight. On “Evangeline,” he soars to higher registers, skillfully conveying both desire and urgency simultaneously. In “Be More,” his voice quivers as he sings lines like, “Oh, just to know you / Tell me you see me,” with such fragile vulnerability that you can’t help but wonder if he fears his emotions might fracture the notes. Yet, he passionately pleads, “Let it be more,” repeatedly at the bridge, reaching a breathtaking high note that delicately shatters the composition, creating a beautiful fracture that dispels any lingering anxiety.

“Angel Face” not only serves as a testament to Sanchez’s current musical prowess but also as a harbinger of the bright future his talent undoubtedly promises. As Stephen eloquently stated in a statement accompanying the album, “The story of Troubadour Sanchez is something I feel deeply connected to. Even if his ending was bleak, he lived life with an undeniable passion.” If undeniable passion is the canvas on which Sanchez paints, “Angel Face” unquestionably marks his inaugural masterpiece.