Sophie Ellis-Bextor Burns The House Right Down In Boston Debut

“Murder on the Dancefloor” singer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor burned the Goddamn house right down at Boston’s Royale on May 4th. 

After a sultry performance from up and coming singer Noelle Rene, Sophie took the Boston stage, with her masked band, for the very first time. 

To commemorate her debut, the British pop star uncovered some unusual Boston laws, including one that restricted residents from riding in a car with a gorilla. She also recalled the delicious lobster roll she had earlier that day. However, Boston lobster rolls pale in comparison to the glorious 17 song set that Sophie delivered.

In a pink, sequin, A-line dress, Sophie twirled, kicked, and discoed her way through a mix of originals and covers that were selected by a spinning wheel, a nod to her pandemic Kitchen Disco series. “There’s nothing more bonding than doing some choreography together,” Sophie proclaimed as she encouraged the audience to dance and sing along with her. 

Between groovy songs like “Music Gets the Best of Me” and Hot Chip’s “Over and Over,” Sophie sang a song that she considers her “most romantic,” “Young Blood.” Sophie shared that the inspiration for that track came from something her Mom has always said, “When you first fall in love with someone, part of you always sees each other the same age as when you met.”

For some audience members, the first time they were introduced to Sophie Ellis-Bextor was through the film Saltburn, and Barry Keoghan’s legendary dance to her 2001 single “Murder On The Dancefloor.” Not only did this feature send the song to the top of the UK charts, it was also the first time that Sophie’s music had ever entered America’s Billboard Top 100 peaking at #51. 

“If you told me this time last year that I’d be lucky enough to come and perform here I wouldn’t have believed you,” she confessed.

Sophie continued, “it really means a lot to me that you have given me – us this amazing welcome. And it’s funny because I’ve been doing what I do for a long time and I still didn’t know if it would be a big group of people who were here to hear one song, and that would have been fine, but it is clear from seeing you sing along tonight that you have clearly been supporting what I’ve been writing.”

Sophie closed the set with the song that made this tour possible, “Murder on the Dancefloor” before returning for a three song encore, which included an unreleased single. 

In her second costume change, a sunny orange number with shoulder pads and fringe, Sophie serenaded the audience acappella from the balcony. The audience was completely silent as they were captivated by Sophie’s unmic’d performance of “A Pessimist is Never Disappointed.” 

Pessimist or disco dancer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Boston performance did not disappoint!

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