REVIEW: Noah Guy’s ‘Who’s Taking Time (Act II)’ 

Great things arrive in all types of packages. This includes music. It does not take a dozen singles (though highly appreciated) to corroborate your worth as an artist. Competitive as any creative pursuit can be, it requires a top-level conviction to do a mic drop on five lyrically ambitious singles. Popping in at just over 16 minutes, this is an impressive follow-up to his 2021 debut, Is it real? WHO’S TAKEN TIME?! (ACT I). Noah Guy’s uncompromising EP Who’s Taking Time (Act II) fits perfectly with a romantic date you didn’t have to swipe right to get. 

Who’s Taking Time (Act II) flies by with such carefree ease that it never feels overstuffed. With grooves borrowed from hip-hop and a dollop of electronic music, Noah Guy successfully evokes fun and funk in each track. He has a voice that is smoky and inspirational all at once. And the majestic chorus that Noah offers equal space to is downright spiritual. Known to rely on the visual side of his music, Who’s Taking Time (Act II) also features some exciting production choices here and there and spotlights the alluring Florida native, Amaria, as she brings in the sexy on the slow and sensual “Stay Here” single and provides equally hypnotic background vocals on the “Hospitality & Tourism” track. Adding to the short list of contributors is the sublime Braxton Cook collaborating on “Brother’s Keeper.”

Who’s Taking Time (Act II) EP merges classic soul with current R&B music, representing his East Coast roots. You can hear the Motown influence so clearly, and it’s almost as if Noah Guy could be a direct descendant of Janis Joplin. And like Janis, Noah can switch from smooth, sweet-sounding vocals to gritty and soulful. With a unique style and signature vocal twist, Noah’s emotions are bursting at the seams in Who’s Taking Time (Act II). Noah is the newest soul-pop community member and proudly takes it to a new level. Watching the music vid for “Stay Here,” this Guy (see what I did there) actually oozes cool. Nothing but Noah, an angry couple, and some clever camera moves to ascend into the story being sung here. And that’s all you need. 

Who’s Taking Time (Act II) is Noah’s underground playground; we are all just visiting and listening and anxiously awaiting what is coming next.