REVIEW: New York Hosts Electrifying Electric Zoo Festival 2022

Featured Photo: Martin Garrix Day 3 at the Antheon

This year, New York’s largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival, Electric Zoo (EZOO) took stage on Randall’s Island Park from September 2nd – 4th! Ever since 2009, EZOO has been providing festival goers from all over the world with electrifying music, everlasting friendships and lifelong memories. This year EZOO had over 100,000 attendees and had two completely sold out dates.

With EZOO including four stages, the music possibilities are endless. Those stages are Antheon, The Landing, Morphosis and Levitron. Each stage had sets that featured DJs such as Martin Garrix, Diesel, Tchami and many more.

I had also attended EZOO last year as a first-time festival goer and was amazed at the environment of the show. At first glance when entering the festival I was immediately hit with a wave of energy and awe. From left to right were festival goers smiling with joy and blasts of music lighting up the mood.

One of the main things I noticed about EDM festivals in general is the amount of amazing outfits prepared for each day. I saw outfits that ranged from the simple cow inspired outfit to a group of five dressed as Guy Fieri. The fashion scene of EZOO definitely is one to look for. 

Guy Fieri Cosplay (Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen)

One of my favorite DJs to watch was Subtronics during day 3 at the Antheon. His hit song “Griztronics” with artist GRiZ has always been a hit to me and I will never say no to headbanging to this song. As I was capturing the set I noticed I was not the only one enjoying their set. Fans were grabbing onto the railing and using the railing as a way to head bang and to enjoy the set with a smile on their face. 

Followed by Subtronics was a surprising DJ I thought I would never get to see live. This DJ is DJ Diesel. DJ Diesel, also known as Shaquille O’Neal, had a very intense set at EZOO. I never expected the former NBA player to perform such a heavy and exciting set. His hardstyle of EDM was a gift to hear as the stage was packed with fans. My favorite quote I heard DJ Diesel say was, “Can I get an all girl mosh pit?” as that caught most of us off guard. 

Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen

Another DJ to look out for is Rossy. Rossy is an up and coming dj who brings her trap style of EDM to a whole ‘nother level. I loved her set as her energy perfectly matched the crowd and I could tell she loves doing what she does. I am very happy to see DJs who bring their all to their set. Definitely check out Rossy as you will not be disappointed. 

DJ Rossy (Photo Credit: Thomas Nguyen)

Overall, my EZOO experience was a very appreciative one. I loved the stone decor of each stage and enjoyed the sets of each DJ. If there was one thing I can recommend to EZOO would be to bring back the iconic EZOO decor as presented last year such as the blocks as I would have loved to capture festival goers on the blocks.

I am very grateful to have attended this year’s festival and cannot wait to see what EZOO has in store for next year!

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