REVIEW: Manic.’s ‘The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut)’

Make no mistake, Manic.’s The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) was worth the two-year wait. Straight out of Nashville, the world’s musical capital, this alternative rock trio featuring lead vocals by Nicholas Baños, with Matthew Vero on the keyboard and bassist Jacob Saint Patrick, is a pure shot of adrenaline and a mind-blowing culmination of skill and hard work.

Manic.’s debut is terrific with an ounce of inspiration, as it artfully sums up the spirit of a long and arduous journey to see this EP to fruition. Laced with an army of songs that move from cool to blusey, to cozy and fist-pumping, The Butterfly Effect will positively impact any ear in the hunt for something new and special. The voice of singer Nicholas Baños is the true lead instrument. There is somewhat of a soft edge about his singing that is urban and appealing all at once. You can feel the torment and regret in every lyric he sings. Nicholas has a rich layer to his style that will elevate Manic. for years. The eruption of Matthew Vero on the keyboard is nothing short of impressive. His talents shine through and heat up every song. Matthew Vero is deliberate in his form and pays no attention to rules or restraints. Rounding out this trio is badass bassist Jacob Saint Patrick, who thunders out some slick work that provides an influential punk and ping of funk to The Butterfly Effect.

Shaped by romance, The Butterfly Effect puts its stamp on what love songs should be in 2023 and brings a touching sincerity with its lyrics. Listening to this EP is like a fabric that weaves through you. There is no escaping the messages of love, redemption, and the waning of passion. Their unhinged beats explore new possibilities and are a unique fusion of grunge, folk, hyperpop, post/noise rock, and jazz. The infectious energy of Nicholas, Matthew, and Jacob is on full display in this debut EP. They show a promising deft hand that can never be overlooked and marginalized. Manic. is here to stay.