REVIEW: Maisie Peters Casts Her Spell Over Boston

Since 2017, Maisie Peters has been enchanting listeners with her diary-like storytelling. 

Like her acclaimed previous releases, Maisie’s sophomore album, The Good Witch, is a musical concoction of trials in love, heartbreak, and the messiness in between. 

This summer and early fall, Maisie has been casting her spell over the US for “The Good Witch Comes to North America” tour. 

On October 11, Maisie flew into Boston for the last stop on the tour, and one last sold out witching hour (and a half). 

However, not before Grace Enger could share a bit of her magic to kick things off. 

The Hoboken native captivated the audience with just her guitar and words as she sang through songs like “Bad Guy,” “When It Was Over,” and the unreleased “Ruin.”

Her mellow yet impessioned indie pop vocals drew supportive cheers from the crowd, and Grace’s parents and local family and friends who were in attendance. 

This particular set was more emotional than most for Grace. It was the final night of a two month tour. Post show she expressed her immense gratitude on intstagram, “… Finally, thank you to all the new people here for showing up early and caring. I’m so grateful to know you. It’s always sad when shows end, but I’ll see you all again soonnnnn.”

She also expressed gratitude for her new friend and mentor Maisie Peters who took the stage next. 

Surrounded by illuminated, inflatable, oversized letters, Maisie appeared on the Boston stage to charm the audience once again. 

As the neighboring town of Salem can attest, there’s nothing more frightening than a woman scorned. However, Maisie Peters’ fans know that it can make for some brilliant music and a one-of-a-kind performance. 

During Maisie’s 19 song setlist, she performed selections of some of those brilliant brews, including tracks off her chart topping sophomore album, The Good Witch, which included “Coming of Age,” “Wendy,” and “You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man),” as well as her acclaimed debut You Signed Up for This

It’s difficult to understand the magnitude of this acclaim without knowing how it all started. Between songs, Maisie reminisced about busking, playing open mics at local West Sussex pubs, and school proms. “I just think that it’s so crazy that somehow its been 8 years since then. It feels like a long time, but it hasn’t felt like a long time. I still feel 17 and I’m nervous for my parents to hear my new song that I swear in. Now there are literally 3000 people in Boston,” she told the crowd before singing the song that she considers “the beginning of everything for me,” “John Hughes Movie.” 

The rest of the night was filled with lots of dancing, “red flag” banter with audience members, and a heartfelt happy birthday choir for Maisie’s pianist, Tina. 

Before wrapping up her bewitching set, Maisie told the crowd, “I’m excited to go home, but backstage before we came on, I looked at Joel, on guitar, and said should we just do another month, what do you say? I would do every month ever for you all because I love you so much, and I’m just so grateful… In my heart, I’m always doing this show in Boston right now.”  

Oh Maisie, we adore you! 

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