REVIEW: Jon Wiilde’s ‘High More Often’ EP Featuring “Not Another Summer Jam”

We are all shaped by something; trauma, sexuality; feelings of being overlooked and/or marginalized. For Jon Wiilde, he is simply riding high (literally) on the music wave, utterly refusing to fall into a particular category or genre. And here, I thought that labels were critical. Wrong! Jon Wiilde is a forward-thinking artist with built-in irony.

When I first saw the High More Often cover, it was a challenge not to judge Jon Wilde by the long, curly locks, big, somewhat overly friendly smile, and vintage eyewear. He looks wild and unruly. He may not stand out in a hipster-type crowd, but Jon Wiilde’s voice will create a fierce bond with music lovers smart enough to download and listen.

The release of High More Often EP confirms Jon is rooted in his music with attitude and grit to spare. “This feels like an introduction to the world,” he says. “Like the start of something. I don’t feel like I fit comfortably into one genre or box.”  

This 8-track EP is a gallery of songs that navigate between dry and aggressive and a personal odyssey that Jon is still trying to understand— “It’s an encompassment of life. Life isn’t one mood or energy,” Jon Says. Direct and pulling no punches, High More Often is a stark mix featuring funky piano playing, an adrenaline shot of acoustic guitar and some amusing lyrics with a rough edge.

High More Often is equal parts emo and hip hop. “Carry On” is hypnotic. A cross between something that the 1970s music scene desperately needed and a club beat and tone that is untouchably cool. While “Quit Your Job” is my favorite track because it delivers a truth for the working class, It is the “same shit, different day” anthem for anyone unhappy with their job and successfully speaks to the masses to get out of our own way and stop questioning choices and ourselves. With “Not Another Summer Jamcoming out the gate like Mackelmore 2.0, “Yellin” is cool and sexy. This track has its own bounce that defines sensuality on an entirely new level and would make Issac Hayes blush.

Nerdy and cocky, Jon’s vocal charisma is suave. With a voice that is raw with a sometimes gentle tone, Jon is clearly comfortable in his skin and chooses to be out of place with High More Often