PODCAST: Sadie Jean Chats “Just Because” and More

If you were scrolling through TikTok last November, you may have been invited to duet with a make-shift, wooden spoon microphone. The artist behind that viral “WYD Now?” open-verse challenge is Sadie Jean. 


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♬ WYD Now Open Verse Challenge – Sadie Jean

Since then, the New York City and LA-based artist has carved out a spot for herself in pop with her confessional and observational lyrics that navigate life and love. 

Sadie has followed up the 121 million times streamed “WYD Now?” with “Locksmith,” and now her latest single “Just Because.”

We chatted with Sadie Jean about the new track, and what’s next for this emerging pop artist. 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

You just released your new single “Just Because.” What inspired that song? 

That song is definitely another sad one. My third and it’s also sad, but this one for me is more a song of self-love. I was with some friends last night and they were like, “Just Because” is your sassy song. It is kind of like ‘just cause I miss you doesn’t mean I want you back.’ It was me taking my power back and being like ‘just because I’m really sad and just going through a really, really hard time doesn’t mean that you win’ to this person that had treated me really badly. I’m super happy with how it turned out. I used to listen to it all the time because I was going through this breakup and it was really hard. I would just listen to it to remind myself that just because I’m feeling these things doesn’t mean they’re who I am. It’s just feelings. It was nice to have that. I’m super happy it’s out now for other people to listen to when they’re overwhelmed. 

When you were saying that, I was thinking back to your previous releases, “WYD Now?” and “Locksmith.” “WYD Now?” was very much reliant on another person, whereas “Locksmith” and this single are very much like ‘I’m taking my power back.’ Was that something that was intentional or just coincidental?

I’m never super intentional just cause I don’t have the head space to be thinking about too many things. But I do think it’s definitely a reflection of my growth, where I’ve been. I feel everything, not to be like that girl, but everything is a reflection of yourself, and that’s something that I think about all the time. I think it reflects in the music as well.

Listen to the rest of the interview on our podcast:

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