PODCAST: Caleb Hearn Shares the Inspiration Behind “1/2 as good as her” and More

Featured Photo Credit: Stephanie Siau

Authentic, heartfelt, and narrative are just a few of the words to describe the music of rising singer/songwriter Caleb Hearn. 

His unfiltered and candid writing provides insight into relationships, missed opportunities, and life lessons. 

His latest single “1/2 as good as her” pays homage to his grandmother, his rock and teacher. The vulnerable lyrics serve a thank you note for the lessons and the love that she’s given him. 

We caught up with Caleb before he hits the road on April 14 supporting Ron Pope to learn more about the inspiration for the single, the upcoming tour, and new music!

Excerpt from the podcast:

I’ve been listening to your beautiful new single, “1/2 As Good As Her.” I’m curious what inspired it? 

This one definitely hits a little more home than past singles that I have. Obviously, everything I put out, I really try to have a personal connection to, and I draw a lot of inspiration from a lot of real things in my life. This one is really, really special to me. I got a call last Fall, when I was on tour, that my Grandma, who is my Mom’s mom … very, very close to me growing up, at times raised me … I found out that she had had cancer and that it had come back and it was more aggressive now, and actually terminal. So it was something that they were not going to be able to get rid of now. When I found that out, obviously, it was a shocker. It was very disappointing. I was kind of in a place where I was very busy and I didn’t really know how to cope with things, so I just kind of kept my head down and kept working. I was on tour and when I got off of that I felt like everything in the world just stopped and there was a lot of things that I hadn’t dealt with yet. I fell into a writing slump and I couldn’t write anything because nothing felt right until one day I kind of just wrote down on paper everything I felt like I still needed to say to her in case I’m not able to say that come the time, you know? So I wrote basically a letter to her, for her to have and for her to hear. I wrote it and kind of sat on the song for a little bit and I was like, well, this song means so much to me, but it doesn’t feel like something I’d put out into the world necessarily. I showed her the song, and after her reaction to it, I knew that I had to put it out.

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