PODCAST: Caity Baser Chats ‘Still Learning’ Mixtape

Brit Rising Star Nominee, Caity Baser is attaining success while still learning. 

Her latest mixtape, “Still Learning” encourages others to “own their fuck ups” and grow from them. 

Her fans, or slaysers as they are affectionately called, are drawn to her unapologetic confidence and unfiltered honesty. 

We sat down with the Southampton star before she hit the road on her biggest tour to chat about the making of her mixtape and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast:

A standout track on the mixtape is “I’m a Problem.” I’m curious what inspired that song, and what was the production process behind that one? 

It was my first time in L. A. when I made it. It was last year. And I was just sort of dealing with a lot of people, a lot of my friends or so-called friends, just being angry at me for being who I am. And I was just like, I’m not going to compromise myself because you can’t handle me and you think I’m too much. Well, you’re not enough, honey.You’re forgettable. So, yeah, that’s sort of where it was. And I came in and I was just fuming. Then, the producer was like, ‘Caity, you’re a problem, like in the best way, but you are a problem. You’re just going to encourage all these girls and boys, and everybody is to just not give a f*ck and scream at everybody.’ And I was like, yeah, exactly.

You’ve said that this mixtape is about owning your mistakes. How has the making of this album helped you with doing that in just everyday life? 

I mean, it’s just made me realize that no matter what I do or how old I’m gonna get or whatever, that I’m always gonna learn, I’m always gonna grow. And even if a situation is the worst thing I’ve ever gone through, it passes. And even if something is like, so amazing, that passes too. I feel like I’ve learned that it’s okay to always be learning, if that makes sense. You want to be like that. You want to always grow. It’s like a plant. You can’t just plant it and then expect it to just stay like that. It’s going to grow and you give it water and you give it nutrients. That’s just like life. You upset people, you love people. I just think every life is just an experience. I think I’ve learned to stop being so obsessive with controlling everything and just going with the flow.

The other thing I wanted to ask, which I think is the coolest thing, is I was reading that your ticket prices are capped. Why is it so important for you that your shows are accessible? 

Because life is hard, man. Our country is just going through so much shit, and I think music is one of the only things that can bring people together and take your mind off of things that are bothering you. Also, when I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot and going to a gig was always such a big deal for me.I would always have to save up for ages or I would have to do all my homework in time or I’d have to work around the house. Now that I’m older and I’ve got a little bit more than I had back then, I still know how it is. I know what the world’s like. I’m not an idiot. Why would I make it difficult for my fans to come and see my show, especially when they’re literally my age too. We’re all just girls figuring it out and music shouldn’t be, or a gig shouldn’t be something that you have instead of your food shop or your Uber home. Do you know what I mean? So it’s just important to me to think of them more than myself… I’d rather just have everybody with me and experience that with them. That’s way more important to me.

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