Phoebe Bridgers and MUNA Play to a Sold Out Crowd in Boston

Featured Photo Credit: Brian Babineau

After teaming up for their 2021 single “Silk Chiffon,” Phoebe Bridgers and MUNA are reuniting for one of the most talked about tours this Fall. 

On September 26 and 27, this powerhouse team descended upon Boston’s Leader Bank Pavilion for two sold-out shows. 

Night one at the waterfront venue began with an anticipatory buzz that was nothing short of electric as fans hugged, laughed, and took their seats in Bridgers’ skeleton merch.

However, the moment the lights dimmed for MUNA, that hum erupted into thunderous applause. Heralded by a stunning instrumental of their 2019 track, “Grow,” Katie, Naomi, and Josette took the stage. From the first note of their opening song, “Number One Fan” through their fifteen song set, MUNA created an infectious energy. 

Lead vocalist, Katie owned the stage as she twirled and grapevined through songs like “Stayaway” and “Never.”

The crowd matched the trio’s energy as they sang along to every word. Katie even noted, “Boston, you fucking rule! Remember this is the opener.”  

The crowd was elated when Phoebe Bridgers joined MUNA for her verse on “Silk Chiffon.” 

MUNA also slowed things down with “Around U,” which Katie explained was inspired by, “When you let someone take up too much energy and you have to focus on things like drinking water.”    

Whether it was love, heartbreak, or taking care of yourself, each song felt like an emotional and physical release. Katie described it best, “all of our songs are sad, but all of our songs you can dance to.” 

That mutual comfort culminated with “I Know a Place,” an anthem for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Before closing out the set, MUNA thanked the Boston crowd for taking COVID precautions and “letting us do what we love.” 

The band also took a moment to thank Bridgers for believing in them and signing MUNA to her record label, “Saddest Factory.”

High off MUNA’s vibes, the crowd was ready for Phoebe Bridgers, many of whom were already on their feet before the lights even went down. 

Known for her wit and humor, Bridgers was welcomed to the stage by a very apropos “I’ve Got A Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas. 

With her skeleton onesie-clad band by her side, Bridgers dove right into “Motion Sickness” as a chorus of voices echoed through the theater. “I have emotional motion sickness, somebody roll the windows down,” they sang. 

“Motion Sickness” kicked off a sixteen song set that featured fan favorites including, “Kyoto,” “Halloween,” and “Smoke Signals,” which highlighted JJ Kirkpatrick on trumpet and drummer, Marshall Vore on banjo.

Before her song “Funeral,” Bridgers opened up about the song’s inspiration, sharing that the track evolved from conversations with her guitarist Harrison Whitford when they were depressed, living in Nashville, and eating Krispy Kremes.

The audience’s engagement with Bridgers’s personal lyrics was comforting, as it brought together a room full of strangers through their shared experiences.

Bridgers unparalleled lyrical storytelling was elevated by a beautifully animated pop-up book backdrop featuring everything from a bridge over a green for “Garden Song” to a UFO that kidnaps a ghost for “Chinese Satellite.” 

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau

Bridgers also took time to interact with the crowd. As she crooned “Punisher,” she knelt at the edge of the stage and grabbed a pair of neon ears from a fan. She wore them for two songs, and no doubt, it made that fan’s night. 

Between heart-wrenching tracks like “Savior Complex” and “ICU,” Bridgers took time to bring levity and comedy. “what if I did a 2 hour Ted Talk,” she teased, and before beginning one of her songs, she said “I love this chord because look…,” as she pointed to her middle finger floating above the fret. 

Her authentic engagement was illustrated again when her in ears cut out and her guitar went out of tune. She asked to pause and tune her own guitar while the crowd cheered and patiently looked on in awe. 

Bridgers ended her set epically with “I Know The End,” a song she famously performed on SNL and smashed a guitar to. However, instead of a guitar smash, Bridgers turned to Harrison and they made out whilst still rocking out on their guitars. 

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau

The crowd wasn’t ready for her to leave yet. She returned to the stage to chants of “Phoebe! Phoebe!” for an encore featuring a cover of “Funny Feeling,” from Massachusetts native, Bo Burnham’s Inside special.

From the songs to the backdrops to the pure talent, the night was a celebration of live music. It was truly “a good, good night!”

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Photo Credit: Brian Babineau

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